"Over the past 20 years, I have taught and trained hundreds of professional Craniosacral therapists, so I am very aware of how difficult it is to develop both a deep energetic sensitivity and therapeutic effectiveness. Ben Cox has both of these qualities in abundance. His ability to work effectively and methodically with subtle energetic and physiological processes is of a very high level and I would highly recommend him" - Graham Kennedy, Former Director & Joint Principal of the Institute of Craniosacral Studies

Over the years I have had the privilege to receive excellent feedback from patients I have treated; this is one of the most rewarding part of my job and I endeavour to make sure that every patient leaves me equally as satisfied.

"Ben has been instrumental in resolving my back and neck problems, resulting in a marked improvement in pain, posture and greater clarity of mind. His knowledge of energy and its impact on the body and mind is phenomenal and he communicates in a way that is understandable, enabling meaningful and insightful discussion. I highly recommend Ben, following a treatment I always feel great both physically and mentally."- Lindsey, Oxford

“In 1999 I had back surgery and afterwards I had chronic pain for 10 years. I had numbness in my left leg, I could not touch my feet and could not sleep through the night because I felt constant pain. Despite visiting several speciality clinics and receiving intensive physiotherapy there was not any significant improvement. I feel very lucky that I met Ben as after our first acupuncture treatment I could immediately feel a huge improvement in my health,  and after two more treatments I had no more numbness in my left leg, could touch the floor with my fingertips and did not need sleeping pills at  night. Ben has not only given me relief from pain but has restored a better quality of life for me.” - Gabi, Germany

"I went to visit Ben as I was in Oxford for a conference with agonising sciatica and muscle spasms in my back, he practised a subtle and ingenious form of massage on me such that the whole of my back had released by the end of the day. I would definitely go back when I am next in Oxford.”- Edwin, London

“I recently contracted a virus which left me with post-viral Rheumatoid Arthritis. After six weeks faced with a worsening condition and no confidence that my conventional medics knew what to do, I sought a TCM approach. When I arrived at his clinic I could barely walk and my hands were so stiff and swollen that I couldn't bend my fingers. Ben used acupuncture and very gentle massage to manipulate and release my joints and I felt the positive effects almost instantly. The real evidence of success however came about after a night's sleep and upon waking my mobility had really improved.  Ben was so talented and I was so excited to be making such progress that I returned for a second double treatment the following week, this time driving up from London. “ - Genevieve, Singapore