Herbal medicine still forms a major part of the Chinese state health care system today, where it is successfully used to treat a very wide range of conditions.  Herbal medicine is particularly good for treating severe and complex illnesses. I currently only offer it in such cases, as current UK laws make many vital herbs unavailable and the time required to develop an appropriate prescription incurs an additional expense for the patient.

Should you be prescribed a herbal formula, it will come in the form of a concentrated powder that only requires the addition of hot water. This means you receive the benefits of personalised herbal formulas without the difficulties and time-consuming preparation often associated with the usage of raw herbs.

Herbal medical treatments involve a consultation followed by the prescription of a customised herbal formula to be taken two to three times per day, often in conjunction with regular acupuncture, massage or qigong sessions. Herbal medicine is usually ~£20 for a two weeks prescription.