My approach to being a skilled practitioner of Chinese medicine is based upon three things: care, flexibility, and lineage.


I have chosen to specialise in schools of Chinese medicine that require high levels of hand sensitivity. To be practiced well, these place a heavy emphasis on refined technique, nuance and care to achieve results.

Neither the body nor the mind likes to be forced and while short term results can be achieved through forcible means, my experience has shown that permanent longer term shifts toward recovery occur more frequently through the application of care, patience and gentleness to your situation. Equally at times strong techniques may be necessary to make a significant shift in health.


My experience in all the major branches of Chinese medicine enable me to offer you a wide variety of skills in your personalised treatment plan. As such we may fluidly move between these during the course of your treatment.

The situations and stresses in your life and their subsequent impact on your body and mind are constantly changing. A flexible approach enables me to respond with the greatest efficiency to the changes that naturally occur as any injuries and diseases resolve themselves.


Within Chinese medicine, lineage has always been primary in determining practitioner competency; only good practitioners can train the next generation of good practitioners.

As such I have trained with some of the best teachers and practitioners in or outside of China from well-respected medical lineages and continue to do so. This regular exposure to high-quality instruction, combined with a love of learning gives me the greatest chance of helping you resolve your current difficulties.