Chinese massage (Tuina) is a type of massage therapy which involves using a variety of techniques to manipulate the tissues, fluids, joints, nerves and pressure points of the body. All techniques are performed through clothing and vary from the very physical to  very subtle, and from very heavy pressure to very light. Teatment involves a visual and-manipulation based assessment followed by massage. Craniosacral therapy and Osteopathy are the nearest forms of treatment to Tuina that you may have recieved previously.

While Tuina is most commonly used to treat musculo-skeletal sprains, strains and traumas, it has very diverse applications. These range from treating severe physical pain to helping create the stillness of mind necessary for major life choices.

In addition to its medical benefits, Tuina massage can be deeply relaxing and is often used purely for relaxation and health maintenance in China, not just for medical conditions.