Five year full time BSc degree in Traditional Chinese medicine including degree level western anatomy, physiology & pathology, and five month clinical placement working in the hospitals of Beijing

Four month tuina massage diploma completed simultaneously with my TCM degree (100hrs)

Two year Classical Chinese medicine seminar series with Andrew Nugent-Head (>150hrs)

Annual Medical Qigong retreats will Bill Ryan starting 2009 (>200hrs)

Attended two weekend seminars with Tom Bisio on trauma medicine in Paris (25hrs)

Qigong, Taichi and Meditation

Student of Bruce Frantzis starting 2004- Taichi, Qigong and Taoist meditation ( >1000hrs with 650hrs of instructor training)

Student of Giovanni Maschio starting 2005- Taichi, Qigong and Taoist meditation (>1000hrs)

Completed a two year teaching apprenticeship with Gio maschio started late 2007 and involved in teaching and assisting in his weekly classes and seminars till 2014(>750hrs)

Student of Bisong Guo for four years starting 2002- Spontaneous Qigong, Taoist meditation (complete reality school) and Chinese medicine(>400hrs)


Student of Classical Chinese and philosophical texts since 2002